ÉireComposites has developed and patented a revolutionary new method of heating and cooling moulds called MECH (Mould Efficient Cooling and Heating)

MECH replaces traditional inefficient ovens and cooling systems and offers a cost effective method of processing a wide range of thermoplastic composite materials.

MECH is a highly efficient heating system that applies electrical heating directly to the location on the mould where it is required. Cooling channels constructed on top of the heating system allows a high volume of conditioned air to be blown over the mould surface for rapid cooling.

The are many advantages to using MECH, including the following

  • Energy costs can be reduced by as much as 80%.

  • The operators’ working environment is considerably enhanced by reduced temperatures, noise and the elimination of movement of moulds into ovens.

  • Maintenance costs are reduced as troublesome ovens and coolers are no longer required in addition to the fact that equipment will not suffer from metal fatigue as a result of being constantly exposed to large temperature fluctuations. 

  • New grades of thermoplastics / composites can be processed cost effectively.

  • Electronic data acquisition can now be used to monitor the cure cycle in real time, a feature which was not possible in ovens.