ÉireComposites’ research and development has resulted in a number of publications including the following

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ÉireComposites’ research on renewable energy has resulted in a number of publications including the following

Fagan, E., Goggins, J., Flanagan, M., Flanagan, T., Doyle, A., and Leen, S. “Physical Experimental Static Testing and Structural Design Optimisation for a Composite Wind Turbine Blade” Composite Structures, Volume 164, Pages 90–103, 15 March 2017.

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ÉireComposites has also registered a patent for its blade manufacturing technology

EP 2344312 B “A Heated Mould for Moulding Polymeric Composites”. The Mould allows Out-Of-Autoclave processing of epoxy powder and is suitable for manufacturing products such as wind and tidal blades and other large composite structures.