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Re-blading of Irish wind turbines using novel technologies

The main aim of the REBLADE project is to develop an innovative solution for efficiently retrofitting existing Irish wind farms by producing highly efficient and resilient wind turbine blades for re-blading. In achieving this aim, the life of wind turbines at Irish wind farms can be extended in a cost-effective manner, while also boosting the power performance of the wind farms by installing newly designed, more efficient blades in place of outdated, less efficient blades. The REBLADE project will prove these technologies and promote their widespread adoption within the Island of Ireland and internationally. In order to achieve the project’s aims, a number of strategic objectives must be achieved:

• To design a highly efficient and resilient wind turbine blade, suitable for re-blading Irish turbines, using the BladeComp software 
• To de-risk the design through structural testing of full-scale wind turbine blades

• To develop high volume production manufacture processes for these new wind turbine blades
• To explore commercial opportunities and new markets within Ireland and Europe to expand ÉireComposites’ customer base.

This project is funded by SEAI.

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